our responsible approach

We are invested in sustainable agriculture and responsible food. We have even taken this one step further by implementing a CSR progress plan.

It aims to preserve the Earth and its living beings by providing healthy and safe food for all and contributing to the life of the company and rural regions.

preserve the earth and its living beings

Respect the environment and its natural resources

We are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our industrial sites, including the preservation of water resources and local sourcing. By 2025, we want to work towards achieving zero waste.

The fight against climate change

For 2019, we have set the goal of reducing our milk divisions gas and electricity consumption by 6% reduction. By 2025, we are aiming for a 10% reduction in our energy consumption across all sites.

Respect for animals and biodiversity 

More than 97% of our cow’s milk producers are committed to the Charter for Good Agricultural Practices. Within the goat sector, a progress plan has been put in place to improve farming practices in partnership with the NGO CIWF.

provide healthy food for all

Feed people well

EURIAL has set itself the goal of meeting the dual challenge of providing quantity and quality food:

  • We support our producers in traced sectors,
  • We are the second cooperative to collect organic cow’s milk in France,
  • We favour the manufacture of PDO and PGI products,
  • And we contribute to the development of the Bleu/Blanc/Coeur sector.

Enjoying great tasting products 

EURIAL makes this aim a reality through strong brands, such as SOIGNON, the no. 1 goat cheese, GRAND FERMAGE, the no. 1 PDO butter and speciality butter, MAESTRELLA, the no. 1 pizza cheese, and LES 300 & BIO yoghurt and dairy desserts.

Invent new resilient models

In the large-scale network, 150 partner farms are testing new production solutions.

EURIAL collaborates with l’INRA

CONTRibuting to the life of the company and its regions

In the company

  • In 2017, Eurial trained 2,630 people.
  • By 2020 our target is to have a diverse workforce within our dairy division.

In our campaigns 

With 23 production sites in France, EURIAL is strongly rooted in the national soil and contributes to the dynamics of the local economy.

The supply of our sites with raw materials is the subject of particular attention: 82% of our suppliers are within 200 km of each site. In addition, we encourage interaction with the public during local events and through open-door events at our sites and farms.