GOVERNANCE and organisation

governance for three sectors

Nearly 4,500 milk producers have chosen to join the AGRIAL Cooperative to guarantee the security of their markets. They are represented in three sectors, organised into areas to reinforce proximity to the cooperative’s services:


  • Conventional cow’s milk,
  • Organic cow’s milk,
  • Goat’s milk.


The presidents of the organisations in these sectors actively participate in the strategic decisions made by the company.


Bruno MARTEL Président OM Lait de vache Bio
Bruno Martel
President of the organic cow’s milk professional organisation.
He is a farmer in Ille-et-Vilaine .
Pascal Le Brun
Pascal Lebrun
President of the traditional cow’s milk professional organisation.
He is a farmer in La Manche.
Mickael LAMY Président OM Lait de chèvre
Mickaël Lamy
President of the goat’s milk professional organisation.
He is a farmer in Maine et Loire.
Benoit DROUIN Président du Conseil de Surveillance Eurial
Benoit Drouin
Chairman of the supervisory board of the AGRIAL milk division.
He is a farmer in the Vendée.


An organisation at the service of its members and customers

Our organisation is fully focused on our member farmers and our customers. Through EURIAL LAIT, the cooperative supports farmers on a daily basis.

On the customer side, our sales teams are divided into two departments:


  • The mass-market department, dedicated to French and international consumers as well as customers in the out-of-home catering industry.
  • The ingredients & nutrition department, dedicated to industrial customers in the agri-food and nutrition industry, both in France and abroad.