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100% organic, 100% Breton in a bio-sourced, plant-based, recyclable carton! ♻

Agrilait, a quality regional brand since 1981

  • Agrilait is a brand of Eurial – the dairy division of Agrial, a regional agricultural cooperative.
    Specialising in Bleu Blanc Cœur-certified and GMO-free milk, it offers quality creams, butters and UHT milk
  • Its dairy facility – located in Cesson-Sévigné (35) since 1949 – has over 110 employees

Quality organic milk from Brittany

Lait bio Agrilait

This addition to the range further strengthens the Agrilait brand’s historic values:

  • environmental awareness with conservation of biodiversity and natural resources, using no pesticides, chemical fertilisers or GMOs
  • animal welfare awareness with priority given to pasture grazing where conditions allow, certified-organic, GMO-free feed mostly produced on-site on the farm
  • 100% produced in Brittany, contributing to the dynamism of the local economy, with organic farms from the region being members of Eurial, the dairy division of the Agrial cooperative Agrilait belongs to
  • sales & marketing focused mainly on Brittany and the Loire Atlantique


All Agrilait products (butter, cream and UHT milk) are manufactured in the Coralis dairy in Cesson-Sévigné, Ille-et-Vilaine. To produce this milk, the dairy is certified organic and adheres to precise specifications.

After the milk has been collected from our various members, it arrives in a refrigerated tanker, is given a batch number and analysed. Depending on the results, the milk is then transferred to refrigerated tanks. This milk is pasteurised at 72°C for 15 seconds to destroy some of the undesirable microorganisms.

cuves réfrigérées pour le laitAgrilait-Lait-Bio-3D

Once it has been through cream separators to adjust the fat content, the milk is sterilised at 140°C for 3 seconds to destroy any remaining microorganisms.

This process is how UHT milk is manufactured.

The milk is then packaged in cartons to protect it from air and light.

But what’s so special about this carton?


The milk is collected from Breton organic farms belonging to the cooperative, which implement sustainable production methods with a view to promoting biodiversity and being kind to the environment.

This is a first on the French market. With its new 100% organic Breton milk, Agrilait – the Agrial cooperative’s dairy division brand – is innovating and creating buzz by choosing Tetra Brick Edge® packaging.

  • It is lighter than a standard carton (using kraft reduces carton weight by 5%)
  • The cardboard is sourced from sustainably managed FSC forests
  • The plastic is bio-sourced, i.e. plant-based: made from Bon Sucro-certified sugar cane, an independent label that guarantees the sugar cane’s origin and sustainable management.

In total, 82% of the materials used in this new packaging are plant-based, which translates to a 20% reduction in carbon footprint. It is a concrete approach whose reduction has been measured and certified by Carbon Trust, an independent body that provides companies with support in their carbon emissions reduction efforts. And finally, the carton sports kraft with elegance, reducing its weight by 5%. The result is a great-looking milk that is good for the taste buds as well as the planet.

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What’s more, it has several lives

When consumers put it in their recycling, the 100% organic Breton milk carton is recycled by papermakers and gets a second life by being turned into various objects (e.g. envelopes, boxes, paper, urban furniture, etc.).

Agrilait organic milk is distributed to shops across Brittany. I would like to see Agrilait milk cartons in a shop near me on the Agrilait brand website