• 450
    • trained employees
    • 10
    • safety officers

Eurial spends €400,000 on health-safety

This investment made in 2013 covers implementation of a transversal health-safety policy, common to all sites. All employees are involved: "each person is responsible for their own safety and that of the others", to reach the 2013 objectives :

  • 25% fewer workplace accidents than in 2012
  • All occupation-related illness is analysed and mapped

Key figures

  • 72 health-safety training days
  • 450 employees trained in 2 years
  • Creation of 10 Safety Officer posts
  • Publication of a best practice guide in 4 languages (French, English, Spanish, Flemish)

 Vanessa Trouillet, Safety Officer: "My mission? To guarantee the safety of the teams at each site and prevent high-risk behaviour."


Vanessa Trouillet
Vanessa Trouillet