Milk quality: controlled from milking parlour to factory

The care taken by the farmers, the upkeep of milking machines and cooling tanks on farms ensure that the milk is of high quality when it leaves the farm. Milk samples are taken by the milk tanker drivers each time they collect. These samples are regularly analysed at approved professional laboratories. The quality of the milk in each tanker is checked prior to transformation. 550 analyses are conducted every day, to guarantee the quality of the milk collected and authorise its use in manufacturing. Milk quality is ensured from udder to factory.

More than 90% of our farms are involved in the actions suggested by the dairy profession, for both cow milk (Charter for Good Agricultural Practices - Charte des Bonnes Pratiques d'Elevage) and goat milk (Shared Charter for Best Practice in Goat Rearing - Code Mutuel de Bonnes Pratiques en Élevage Caprin). 


Through this, they are committed to transparency, traceability and safety: animal identification, health monitoring for the herd, feed, reproduction, animal well-being, environment, etc.


Soignon Site
Soignon Site

Traceability guaranteed

Production site certification (ISO 9001, IFS, etc.) provides complete traceability from farm to end customer. Eurial controls the traceability of each product using a high-performance system of batch identification and code (fresh products, raw materials, packaging, ingredients, etc.). Annual "life-size" tests allow data traceability testing upstream of a batch to be made available within 4 hours, and the data concerning downstream traceability within 24 hours.

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