Creating new products to meet the widest possible variety of expectations


    • €14 M
    • invested each year

One watchword in R&D: innovate!

Comprising 12 Project Leaders at the various sites, the R&D team works on Eurial product ranges. Its role: to regularly offer innovative products with added value.

The teams work collaboratively, and across disciplines: the marketing and commercial departments are closely involved in research underway. In this way, competences are brought together so as to optimize savoir-faire.

"Requests for innovation are collected at head office, then sent out to the various sites. Each Project Leader then manages the development of innovations, from perfecting them to post-launch monitoring" explains Laure Caillaud, R&D Manager.


Laure Caillaud, R&D Manager
Laure Caillaud, R&D Manager

In search of new industrial processes

Eurial, precursor to IQF             

In 1997, Eurial perfected IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) technology to precision-slice a product using ultrasound before quick individual freezing. Frozen cheese, in slices or cubes, offers many advantages such as ease of handling, regularity of weight and cleanness of slices, as well as taste and texture that are identical to that of a fresh product. 

Used without prior defrosting, IQF cheese is particularly well-suited to catering professionals: it can be used as an ingredient for sandwiches, pizza, salad, etc. 


Today, the range includes around one hundred references
Today, the range includes around one hundred references

Each year, Eurial invests €14 million in modernizing its production facilities.


Thanks to the new stretcher installed in 2013, the Luçon site will be developing its mozzarella production
Thanks to the new stretcher installed in 2013, the Luçon site will be developing its mozzarella production

Designing the products of tomorrow

Soignon: a strong range of products

Eurial anticipates how its customers are set to evolve (changes of taste, new consumption modes, etc.) to imagine the cheeses of tomorrow. Spreadable goat cheese, low-fat cheeses and creams have been introduced in recent years. More recently, Soignon has innovated with grated goat cheese, low-salt mini-logs, cubes for use as nibbles and slices of goat cheese for sandwiches.


Carole Coudray, Marketing Manager
Carole Coudray, Marketing Manager

"French people very much enjoy goat cheese. We create new products to reach our customers in the way they live: goat cheese now lends itself to city-style eating on the move, rather than being just for the cheese board" stresses Carole Coudray, Marketing Manager.

The Soignon range has almost 50 references (more than 10 of which are in yoghurts and desserts) and launches several new products each year.

Tailor-made for industrials

A recipe for each customer! Eurial comes up with tailored recipes to provide its industrial customers with cheeses that perfectly match a precise specification.

Dedicated to professionals, the Maestrella range from Eurial specializes in mozzarella and pizza cheeses.

For example, in mozzarella, Eurial works on stretching properties, texture, shape and slicing, packaging, etc.

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