Commercializing in France

What do a major food retailer, a pizzeria chain and a pasta box manufacturer have in common? They all buy Eurial products.

Major retailers, from shelf to plate

Eurial is present at all the major food retailers: Soignon, number one in goat cheese, is omnipresent on the shelves. Grand Fermage butter and Bio nat' products are also widely distributed through supermarkets. 

Professionals are fond of goat cheese and mozzarella


Eurial products are also intended for food service, and in particular wholesalers, catering chains and food industrials. They are sold whole or in portions, fresh or frozen. Eurial products are also for bakers.


Milk co-products, serums and buttermilks resulting from the manufacture of cheeses, caseins and butter are dried, sold in powder and used as ingredients - for example, in the manufacture of yoghurts or sports nutrition products.