Yoghurts & Desserts

Goat milk products are gaining in popularity


Yoghurts, fromages blancs and desserts made with goat milk are right on trend! Soignon is the leader on this strongly-growing market. The exceptional taste and texture of these products are much enjoyed by the whole family. Soignon comes up with new recipes every year – such as raspberry/blackcurrant goat milk ‘Gourmandises’.

Bio nat' makes a name for itself


The Bio nat' brand is in 3rd position on the market in yoghurts and desserts made from organic cow milk. The yoghurts, fromages blancs, creamy desserts and crèmes fraîches from the Bio nat' range are manufactured at the Riec-sur-Belon dairy (29). They are made from 100% French organic milk collected in Brittany within a 120 km radius of the dairy. The Bio nat' range boasts two labels: Agriculture Biologique (certified organic) and Produit en Bretagne (Made in Brittany).