Eurial, the dairy division of Agrial

The merger between the milk processing and marketing activities of Eurial and Agrial became effective on 4 November.

The new entity, named Eurial, is headed up by Olivier Athimon (previously CEO of Eurial), with Patrick Lepelleux (previously EVP of the Agrial Dairy Division) as Chief Operating Officer.

Discover the task, the strategy and the organization of this multi-specialist dairy entity, located in Nantes.

La prochaine étape Eurial


In June 2016, the merger of the Eurial shareholding cooperatives with the Agrial cooperative will be voted by the members during the general meetings.

Our task

  • To add value to all the milk produced by our members.
  • To limit the impact of market volatility by international development, innovation and high value-added products.
  • To offer vision and prospective to our producers so as to ensure the continuity of their operations.

Our vision

Eurial and Agrial share a common vision of the future of the French dairy sector and the changes due to the end of milk quotas. Both groups focus on maximising the added value and growth opportunities presented by fast-growing international markets in order to enable the development demanded by their producers.

Eurial is taking the steps to achieve its objectives of growth and conquest of international markets by putting innovation at the heart of its strategy.

Our Strategy

A customer-oriented strategy :

Retail customers

  • Developing added value through product innovation.
  • Developing our brands, retail brands and export.


  • Developing added value.
  • Ensuring outlets for expected additional milk volumes (due to end of quotas).
  • Strengthening raw materials balancing.

Eurial, dairy division of Agrial

The different divisions of Agrial

4 agricultural divisions
  • Upstream
  • Seeds
  • Rural Distribution
  • Machinery
4 agri-food divisions
  • Beverage
  • Dairy
  • Vegetable
  • Poultry & Meat

Agrial in 2014 :

A multi-specialist agricultural and food-processing cooperative group of Norman origin.

  • 12 000 employees
  • 12 000 members
  • 4,2 billion in turnover

Key figures for Eurial

6 450 milk producers

2,8 billion litres of dairy resources:

  • 2,6 billion litres of cow milk
  • 220 million litres of goat milk
  • 62 million litres of organic milk

4 000 employees

2,3 billion in turnover

Diverse ranges and strong brands

Goat cheeses

Dairy products

Ingredient cheeses

UHT Milk

Dry ingredients


21 production sites

The map of the new Eurial shows a coherent collection area in the Basse-Normandie, Pays de la Loire, Bretagne, Poitou-Charentes, Centre and Rhône-Alpes regions of France.

Map Our international subsidiaries

Customer at heart of our organization

Key figures for the retail core business

2 450 employees

800 M€ of annual turnover

Key figures for the food service & industry core business

750 employees

1 300 M€ of annual turnover